Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LSM 371 Officers

Phil McEneny, Bill Voigt, Capt. C.H. Ruebeck, John White, and Tony Castagnoli

LSM 371 Configuration/specifications

There were several ship configuations with slightly different specs. This is from notes and to the best of my memory (64 years later):

Ship length: 203.7 feet
Beam 34 feet
Cruising radius 3500 miles
Standard Speed 12 knots
Full Speed 13.5 knots
Landing Tonnage 1743 tons
Seagong Tonnage 1095 tons

Re: armament the 371 had one "twin" 40 mm forward cannon and four 20mm cannons and five 50-caliber machine guns. (Other versions had a 5-inch cannon and 20-5 inch rocket launchers plus a variety of other armaments. The Rocket Launcher versions were LSM-Rs.)

Normal complement 4 officers and 54 men, but the LSM 371 had a "fifth officer".

Other Major Equipment on the LSM-371

Clevar Brooks Boiler
4 Pass/1800# steam/HR at 35 psi
Badger Co. Evaporator (2000 GPD at 20 hours/Day)
Air Compressors--Worthington 2-stage 11.4 cfm at 600 psig
Walk-in refrigeration system

Misc. Equipment
Ballast Transfer Pumps 1500 gpm at 25 psi
Fire Pumps: 2-200 gpm at 100 psi each

Friday, December 26, 2008

Phil McEneny and I

Phil McEneny was the Gunnery officer.

Florida Island

Phil McEneny, Tony Castagnoli and I at Bonika---the church was built by natives. The "lack" of hair was from crossing the Equator.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Commissioning: Piping the Admiral Aboard

The Commissioning

Left to right: Mother of Captain Ruebeck, Mrs. McEneny, Captain C H Ruebeck, Wife of Captain Ruebeck, W.C. Voigt, Jr. (engineering officer), Tony Castagnoli (executive officer), Father of Captain Ruebeck, John White (fifth officer).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Engine Room pics

Main switchboard--for power distribution and for single and parallel operation of two 3-368 GM diesel generator motors. (3 cylinder, 368 cubic inch per cylinder)
Shown is the forward bulkhead, and on the left one of the main transfer pumps.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Engine Room LSM 371 pic 2

Shown are the two 3-268 GM diesel generators for single or parallel operation.
Misc. Control Panel

Monday, December 8, 2008

Original Crewmembers on LSM 371

1. Ambrose GM2/c Massachussetts 2. Boesger S2/c Ohio 3. Bloomington MOMM1/c Washington 4. Brankley SM3/c Virginia 5. Brooks SC2/c New York 6. Brown MOMM2/c ? 7. Burnes SC3/c Oklahoma 8. Campbell S1/c Maryland 9. Castagnoli Exec(jg) Illinois 10. Cochrane QM3/c Kansas 11. Dakolios GM3/c Montana 12. Davis MOMM3/c New York 13. DeBrito QM2/c Virginia 14. Downs SK1/c North Carolina 15. Elam FCM3/c Nebraska 16. Foley S2/c Illinois 17. Fox PHM1/c Pennsylvania 18. Glesner S2/c Michigan 19. Hamm S1/c Illinois 20. Johnson S2/c New York 21. Keeney MOMM3/c Iowa 22. Kelley S1/c Pennsylvania 23. Kindlinger F1/c Michigan 24. Krieger MOMM1/c New York 25. Larson RM3/c South Dakota 26. Larson S1/2 Kansas 27. Lintz F1/c Illinois 28. Locklier F1/c South Carolina 29. Maslowski MOMM2/c Connecticut 30. McEneny Gun/Com (jg) New York 31. McPherson RDM 2/c New York 32. Milholland YM2/c Washington 33. Olivier S2/c Louisiana 34. Owens STM2/c Oklahoma 35. Rude BM3/c Wisconsin 36. Rudisill EM3/c Pennsylvania 37. Ruebeck Cart(jg) Texas 38. Saathof CMOMM Indiana 39. Selby S2/c North Carolina 40. Shaeffer F2/c Pennsylvania 41. Sewald ROM3/c Pennsylvania 42. Steiner F1/c Illinois 43. Summers S1/c Indiana 44. Swenson S2/c New York 45. Taylor S1/c Washington 46. Tompkins SC3/c Georgia 47. Trapp MOMM3/c Ohio 48. Vannah BM2/c Massachusetts 49. Vass F2/c Ohio 50. Voigt Eng(jg) Alabama 51. Wardlaw MOMM3/c New Jersey 52. Wiener EM2/c Pennsylvania 53. Wilcox S1/c Wisconsin 54. Wilkins BM1/c Louisiana 55. Winn MOMM3/c California 56. Zvara SM3/c Wisconsin